Home to the Ecdysiast Pole Dance Company and recognized as Portland’s premier pole dance studio, Ecdysiast is a fully co-ed pole school committed to the growth and development of students, professional dancers, the aerial community and its audiences. Established in 2008, the studio offers 9 16 feet stainless steel competition grade (45mm) poles, spinning or stationary. Ecdysiast has a unique, INCLUSIVE, and progressive culture while specializing in ALL things Pole: erotic, fitness, contemporary, flips/drops/tumbles, Chinese pole, spin rotations on static, choreography, freestyle, flexibility training, spinning pole and more. The studio embraces pole dance/fitness as we know today; a coming together of Chinese pole, dance, acro, gymnastics and erotic dance styles, originating from strip clubs, as well as other erotic styles. Ecdysiast celebrates erotic stripper culture by advocating against stripper appropriation and holding the stripper industry credible for bringing pole’s Erotic genre, as we know today, to the mainstream. Ecdysiast’s Educational Program includes classes (pole, flexibility and choreography), workshops, private training, and more. Instructors are highly skilled and fully trained in pole and spotting. Their diverse movement backgrounds are evident in their teaching, offering the highest caliber of pole coaching.

The Ecdysiast Pole Dance Company is a professional company that performs full length pole dance productions semi-annually. The EPDC also has a 3 month Training Company program (per show season), which is a prerequisite for promotion into EPDC Apprenticeship. Professional and well trained, the EPDC and Ecdysiast instructors both continue to be an active part of the international pole dance community and strive to share their knowledge of the art. Ecdysiast instructors are well experienced in pole and encourage students to grow, while stressing safety and proper technique. In offering the highest degree of training to our students, we participate in the making of artists and enthusiasts. No matter what we learn or from whom we learn, the real and only teacher is within.