The Ecdysiast Pole Dance Company is a professional pole company that performs full length pole dance shows semi-annually. The EPDC also has a 3 month Training Company program, which is a prerequisite for EPDC apprentices. The EPDC consists of highly trained polers with movement backgrounds ranging in ballet, jazz, theater, aerial, hip hop and more. Some of the company has also placed Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze in various divisions in the NW Pole Art Championships 2014, 2015 & 2016 and continue to compete in some of the world’s largest pole and aerial competitions. In a collective effort, these dancers strengths are evident in their performances as they take dance from floor to air creating truly unique and multidisciplinary, yet fluid productions. These professional pole artists embrace their imperfections and pride themselves in being open, honest, daring, quirky and humorous. The Company is directed by Ecdysiast’s co-founding Artistic Director Shannon Gee, a seasoned pole dancer with over 15 years of pole experience.

*Entrance into the Ecdysiast Pole Dance Company requires an EPDC apprenticeship. EPDC apprentices require a minimum of 1 full season as an Ecdysiast Training Company member.

Gracefulness and strength—the kind exhibited by Chinese acrobats—are in full effect here…

Portland Mercury

It’s pole dancing with a master’s degree in philosophy…[musing] on the connectedness of humanity and universal experiences…

Willamette Week on EPDC's show "Ouroboros" in 2015

…You might even find a pole center stage at the Keller.

The Oregonian

Pole dancing reinvented…

Oregon ArtsWatch