What makes Ecdysiast different from the other studios in town?
As one of the first pole school’s to open in 2008 in the Portland metro area, Ecdysiast always strives to offer the highest standard of pole dancing instruction. Our instructors have years of experience and only teach a true pole dancing class; a full two hours of pole instruction and strength/flexibility training. Instructors are also well trained in other disciplines of dance, gymnastics and movement. We maintain a 1:1 student to pole ratio in class, which is fully equipped with 16 ft spinning/stationary high quality stainless steel poles. However, what truly sets us above and beyond any other studio in town is that, to us, pole dance is not just about fitness or sensuality, it is a performing art form. To quote the IPF (International Pole Federation), “Pole dancing is a medium of artistic expression which, when well-performed, articulates passion, beauty, and power. It is the combination of athletic strength and endurance with the style and grace of a dancer which makes for a truly inspiring performance.” This is our goal for each Ecdysiast student. Our classes and instructors make this a tangible possibility for anyone.

How do I register?
8-week courses, Taster classes, workshops and private lessons/parties require pre-registration. Course/class registration requires payment which may be paid with credit/debit card, cash, check and/or money order. Registration payment(s) can be made over the phone with a valid credit/debit card or in person at the studio. It is also possible to mail in payment. Checks/Money orders should be made out to Ecdysiast. For after hours payments, use locked drop box to the right of our front door. Be sure to include personal contact details as well as course information.

Is Ecdysiast co-ed?

What should I wear to class? Do I have to wear heels?
For beginner level classes and Taster classes, shorts and a t-shirt/tank top are appropriate. For more advanced levels, short shorts and a tank top/sports bra will be necessary, as skin contact is needed with the pole. For the first 3 weeks of Beginner classes, we request that you not wear heels, but after that, it is optional. Please no perfume or lotion.

I heard this thing about lotion…

Absolutely no lotion up to 2 hours before class! Lotion residue makes the poles very greasy and dangerous, so for your safety and the safety of others please refrain from wearing lotion before or during class.

Do I have to be thin or in good shape to pole dance?

No! If losing weight and getting into shape is your goal, pole dance classes will get you there, but beginner level is just that, beginner, and no special strength or ability is needed. We offer an unpretentious and fun environment where students of all shapes and sizes are supportive of each other.

What size are your classes? Do I have to share a pole?

Our classes have a maximum of 8 poles for 8 students. Each student will always have their own pole because, in this case, sharing is just no fun!

Do you have safety precautions in place?
As a member of the International Pole Federation, all of our instructors are trained in spotting. Your safety is of the utmost importance and we take all possible precautions to prevent injury. Instructors will always stress proper technique and crash pad/spotters are mandatory for all aerial work until student has received instructor approval. Our classes are specially designed to progress linearly, building strength and endurance as we advance, and we will never push students beyond their ability.

What if I miss a class?
Due to the linear nature of our classes it is important that you attend as many classes as possible, as each class builds upon the previous. Missing too many classes may prevent you from advancing to the next level. Attend Pole Play to catch up on practice time.

What if I’ve already taken pole dancing classes somewhere else, can I sign up for a higher level class?
If you feel you are beyond the Beginner level please call and schedule a time to come in so our instructors can evaluate your experience level and place you in the appropriate class. These evaluations usually take place during Pole Play times and also give you a chance to check out our studio before registering for classes.

I’m under 18, can I still take classes?
Sorry, due to insurance reasons all students must be 18 years of age or older.