No Refunds & 24 Hour Cancellation/Reschedule
NO REFUNDS for gift certificates, classes, workshops, open pole play, private lessons, parties, or any other services ECDYSIAST offers will be made. If cancelled/rescheduled with 24 notice, credit will be given, if not cancelled/rescheduled with 24 hour notice, payment is forfeited. In the event of medical reason, credit will be given with a medical note from a licensed practitioner, for the specified dates of physical inactivity. Credits expire 6 months from issue date.

Late Arrivals
In consideration of other students and for safety/insurance reasons, please arrive no more than 5 minutes after your sessions’ scheduled start time. Late arrivals do not have adequate time to properly warm up, are at higher risk of injury, and may be asked to leave. You may depart at any time once the session has started.

Private Lessons & Private Lesson Packages
Private lessons and private lesson packages expire 3 months from purchase date.

Grip Aid
We encourage students to use grip aids as necessary for safety reasons. The studio offers a number of grip aids for purchase in the reception area. We require anyone using iTac or any other wax-based grips to use specially formulated grip remover on our poles after use.

All students must be 18+.