How do I preregister?

Preregistration is required (excluding Green drop-in classes). 1. Get info/prices Class Descriptions 2. Find the course/series/class you want to preregister for Class calendar 3. Preregister online COURSES/SERIES // TASTERS/WORKSHOPS or by phone (503) 231 2542

Is Ecdysiast co-ed?


What should I wear to class? Do I have to wear heels?

For beginner level classes and Taster classes, shorts and a t-shirt/tank top are appropriate. For more advanced levels, short shorts and a tank top/sports bra will be necessary, as skin contact is needed with the pole. For the first 3 weeks of Beginner classes, we request that you not wear heels, but after that, it is optional. Please no jewelry.

What size are your classes? Do I have to share a pole?

Our classes have a maximum of 8 poles for 8 students. Each student will always have their own pole, because in this case, sharing is just no fun!

Do you have safety precautions in place?

As a member of the International Pole Federation, all instructors are trained in spotting and are CPR/First Aid certified. Safety is of the utmost importance and all possible precautions are exercised to prevent injury. Instructors always stress proper technique and assist in spotting.

What if I miss a class?

Due to the linear nature of our classes it is important that you attend as many classes as possible, as each class builds upon the previous. Missing too many classes may prevent you from advancing to the next level. Attend Pole Play to catch up on practice time.

What if I’ve already taken pole dancing classes somewhere else, can I sign up for a higher level class?

If you are beyond the Beginner level and are unsure which level course to register for, the studio does offer free informal evaluations to assess your experience level and place you in the appropriate class. These evaluations take place during Pole Play times with the supervising instructor.

I’m under 18, can I still take classes?

Sorry, all students must be 18 years of age or older.

Does Ecdysiast offer Exotic pole?


Does Ecdysiast offer Contemporary pole?


I am interested in performing?

The studio does offer performance opportunities for students in the Educational program. Student recitals (optional) occur after the completion of Int. II, Adv. II & Adv. III. Professional performance opportunities start by auditioning for Ecdysiast’s Training Company.