Pole dancing for over 15 years, Shannon is excited to see pole dance continually evolve to where it is today, for everyone. The acrobatic contortion and gravity defying components of pole dance are, she feels, what separate this dance from any other, making it the most unique and exciting discipline of its kind. Shannon enjoys working with students, and is constantly inspired by their drive, hunger and dedication. Passionate about music and dance; cooking, baking, and home decor are also hobbies of hers. Shannon also spends much of her time with her daughter and loved ones. How fortunate she feels to do what she loves, and to work side by side with such an amazing and inspiring team of staff and students!


Jasper started lessons at Ecdysiast in early 2010, when her youngest daughter was just 9 months old and she was looking for a new and exciting way to get back into shape. Although she never had any formal dance training growing up, dance has always been a part of Jasper’s life, whether performing in musicals, or taking recreational Jazz, Ballet, or ballroom dance classes. When she started pole dancing, she found her home. Pole dancing satisfies her desire to move to music and gain strength and flexibility while doing so.

Jasper completed her BA in Writing and Literature in 2003, and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2007. In addition to massage and pole, Jasper loves to read and occasionally write poetry, cook, garden, help with home improvement projects, spend time with her husband and three girls, and is an all-around domestic super-woman.


Victoria has always loved dance! She was finally given the opportunity to explore her talent in 2007, when she joined the Jefferson Dancers. She trained in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and African through this program. Being with the company for 3 years allowed her to travel and share her passion for dance. In 2014 she started taking lessons at Ecdysiast and fell in love. Watching the instructors execute difficult moves with ease and grace, motivated her and continues to push her to work harder. In her free time Victoria enjoys singing, acting, crocheting, cooking and most of all spending time with her family.


Allison has been dancing as long as she can remember. She spent seven years on her middle and high school dance teams and began more formal training in college. She studied ballet, jazz, and modern dance at Portland State University where she earned a B.S. in Arts and Letters with a minor in Dance and Theater Arts. She first started pole dancing at Ecdysiast in 2011 and instantly fell in love. No other dance form has ever been so challenging and gratifying at the same time. Allison had the pleasure of performing with the Ecdysiast Training Company in the EPDC’s shows “Calculated Frequency” and “elemente” and is thrilled to be teaching now. When she’s not dancing, Allison works at the Flight Operations Center for Horizon Air and enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with her Rottweiler Ivy.


Classically trained from the age of 16, Chalese took interest in a diverse range of styles including, among others, jazz, hip-hop, and Afro-contemporary. In 2006, Chalese first experienced the exhilarating feeling of flying by way of pole and instantly fell head over heels. She began to teach pole shortly after.

Chalese encourages her students to move freely with a focus on musicality and creativity. As a practicing Chiropractic Physician, Chalese applies her vast knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics to her dance instruction, giving students a thorough and safe understanding of movement and technique. Chalese truly enjoys supporting her students in their dance journey and helping to bring out the unique artist that is in all of us. In addition to teaching pole at Ecdysiast, Chalese also teaches chair dance at Night Flight Aerial & Circus Arts, where she has been preforming in semi-annual shows since 2013.


Angela has always loved performance art, and trained in the BFA Acting Program at UC Santa Barbara, where she was exposed to the weird and beautiful world of movement theater. Through acroyoga and expressive physicality, Angela developed a strong connection between creativity and the body. On a whim in 2012 in San Francisco, she signed up for a beginner pole dance class at Entangle and Sway. Unsure of what to expect, Angela was impressed by an inclusive and supportive community, the potential for creative expression, and of course the physical demand. She noticed that she was the most alive when helping others learn, so in 2014 she became an instructor at Entangle and Sway, focusing on freestyle pole dance.

Angela recently moved to Portland and is honored to join the incredible Ecdysiast team. She can be found outside the studio drinking wine and smashing the patriarchy. Angela is also profoundly skilled at napping.